Tax Audit Assistance and RepresentationTax Audit Assistance and Representation

Tax audits can be a stressful and difficult process. We have outstanding tax teams that have assisted thousands of taxpayers in navigating IRS and state tax audits. We will assist you in finding a tax advisor who can assist you with an audit or represent you in an audit

Tax representation services include:
  • Determining audit grounds
  • Documentation and legal support
  • Filing and response deadlines
  • Representation in tax audit
  • Amended returns
  • Negotiation of settlement
  • Installment agreements
  • Offers in compromise
  • Penalty abatement

Equity Taxation  assists clients in preparing for future tax audits as well as providing guidance during the audit process. The transfer pricing team’s services include preparing relevant arguments, assisting with studies, and collecting evidence to support the taxpayer’s position on transfer pricing.


Assistance during a tax audit

Equity Taxation provides assistance at all levels of a tax audit performed by tax officials. In the regulation of transfer pricing, a team of Equity Taxation specialists participates, supplying the taxpayer with sufficient reasons to protect its position by joint strategy. EQUITY TAXATION experts, who are familiar with the facts, serve the taxpayer by delivering both substantive and procedural advice


Preparation of defense file

EQUITY TAXATION suggests preparing supplementary documents, such as a defence register, in light of more efficient tax controls in the area of transfer pricing and guarantees from the Ministry of Finance that intra-group agreements would be subject to enhanced tax controls. Defense file, next to transfer pricing documentation, provides additional protection of taxpayer from potential questioning of the transaction by the tax authorities and assessment of additional income.

We have Solutions & Strategy with “How Will Do THAT”

  • Have a tax professional review your notice and explain what everything means
  • Help you find or come up with any documents you may need
  • Research all of the issues that are mentioned in the notice
  • Get a detailed description of what to expect during the audit
  • Review the audit findings and get a detailed description of next steps
  • Understand your options if are audited and owe more money and cannot pay
  • Get an understanding if your case is qualified for an appeal

If you want your professional to do all handling for you, that can be done as well. You can have your tax professional handle all communication and represent you before the IRS or State taxing authority.

  • All audit communication goes to your tax professional and they respond back on your behalf
  • Research any issues that are likely to come up during the audit
  • Respond to the taxing authorities arguments by coming up with answers on your behalf
  • Meet with the IRS or taxing authority in person if required on your behalf
  • Negotiate and settle taxes owed if you end up owing more money during the audit and cannot pay
  • Handle any unforeseen issues that may arise during the audit

How Using a Professional is Beneficial during an Audit

Using a tax professional to help with an audit can significantly increase your chances of getting a better outcome. Many times individuals don’t realize that audits can go both ways, you may actually end up being owed money after an audit.
A tax professional can analyze your situation and find the best approach to take in order to get the best outcome. The IRS actually prefers working with tax professionals because it makes their job easier and helps the process move along more efficiently, which can actually result in a more favorable decision.

  • Complete the form and receive a free, no obligation consultation from one or multiple of our tax teams that are all experienced with tax audit representation and assistance.
  • Get a quick understand of how the professional can help you in your particular situation and what the likely outcome will be.
  • You can choose to have EQUITY TAXATION Tax Services file for power of attorney and represent you before the IRS or State taxation authority.
  • Get your audit underway without the stress of handling it on your own.